Sunday, January 25, 2009

Home from holidays (the party's over)

Have a great Australia Day!
I haven't posted for a couple of weeks as we have been away camping at Pambula Beach, we had a great time swimming, surfing, eating, drinking, and generally relaxing as you do on holiday. One of my sisters had the site next to us with her family, and it was good to spend time with them all ( not that we don't see heaps of each other at home - we do!). Mum and dad and my other sister and her daughter also came up for a few days and bunked in with us all, so it was very much a family affair! (Lucky we all get along well!). We found a couple of divine beaches with water that was sooooo clear - it was just magic. The boys went fishing off the wharf at Merimbula, where the water was so clear we watched the fish nibbling the bait and saw huge stingrays gliding over the seaweed, really beautiful! ( Alas, the fish didn't do anything more than nibble, so we were buying dinner that night!)

While we were away we visited a gorgeous garden in TilbaTilba called 'Foxglove Spires'. It was very lush and shady and abundant with thick plantings of shrubs and flowers and a lot of established trees . They must get alot more rain than we do, as everything looked very green and damp (if you know what I mean!). There was a lovely vegie garden and lots of little areas secluded from each other and a fabulous wisteria and pear tunnel, it was a very peaceful,beautiful garden and quite inspiring!

This is a section of the vegie garden that they had caged, they must have a few problems with critters, but it all looked very healthy!

Anyway, all good things must come to an end, and we got home yesterday late afternoon. Back to reality! To tell the truth, I was starting to miss the chookies and I was a bit worried about the garden ( pathetic, I know), we had some really hot days at home while we were away and I thought everything would be frizzled, but luckily my friends did a great job keeping things watered and everything survived -thanks Esther and Jude!

It is amazing how much things can grow in 2 weeks! These sunflowers weren't flowering at all before we left and today they looked so cheery I had to pick a bunch for inside. Great colours, aren't they? So much stuff was ready to harvest in the garden!
I chopped up a bucket of overgrown zucchinis for a chook treat and picked over 2 kg of mixed beans- very delicious!

These are the beans I picked today, there are Violet Queens, Lazy Housewifes, Brown Beauty, Tendergreens, Rattlesnakes and Snapbeans. I think my favorites are Rattlesnake and Brown Beauty.

I also dug up a couple of potato patches and got a nice big bucket of Dutch Creams and another one of mixed varieties (King Edward, Pink Fir Apple, Purple Congo, Atlantic, Pontiac) I lost the labels from this plot, I always think I'll remember what they are, but I never seem to remember at harvest time.
Anyway, I've got lots of work ahead of me in the garden at the moment , it has all gone a bit berserk will we were away, but never fear, I'll soon have it all under control (yeah right) !!
There is a first time for everything I guess!
I've got apricots to pick and jam, seeds to sow for the next market, mowing everywhere, compost to make, weeding,weeding and more weeding, chook housecleaning (not to mention human housecleaning!), and the list goes on ! The boys are back to school next week so there should be plenty of time to get everything done, hahaha! This is going to be the Year of Getting Organised ( or the Year of Actually Completing Stuff) so I am determined to try my hardest at organising my time better. I actually like having heaps to do, as long as I feel on top of it and not like I'm swamped and drowning in jobs and tasks that never get done. Hence the new year pledge.
I've got lots more to talk about ( I've been reading some interesting and inspiring sustainabilty stuff in other blogs), but it is getting late now so i think I'll do it tomorrow. Cheers.
PS. I am so happy -I have my first follower on this blog -Yippee and thanks for checking it out!

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