Monday, February 9, 2009

bushfire nightmares

It is hard to believe what has happening in Victoria in the last few days. The fires have just been totally terrifying, and that is just watching it on the news, I can't begin to imagine how scary it would have been to have been in one of the towns that where caught in the path of such a powerful and devastating fire. My heart goes out to all the people who have lost everything and lost family members. I don't know anyone directly affected by the fires, but still find myself crying listening to people on the radio desperately searching for missing loved ones, it is seriously sad. There are many people who are living their worst nightmares and as a fellow Victorian, I feel very powerless to do much to help.
I have donated money to the Red Cross appeal, and our local school is organising a collection of basic toiletries and school supplies, so I've got some things to add to that collection, but it feels very insignifigant in the face of so much loss. I think I will give blood too, apparently they are going to need a lot more to cope with the burn victims and injuried people.
It is so sad to think that with 131 people already confirmed dead, they think they are going to find still more people who have lost their lives when they finally get into areas that are still too hot to investigate. More grief to come. The fires are still burning through the north so it will be a while until the crisis is over, I guess that is when the reality and magnitude of the destruction will really sink in for a lot of people.
Until then I hope all Victorians stay safe and get through this together. Watching the TV and listening to the radio, there is a strong sense of community from the whole of Victoria, and it seems that we all feel compelled to try and help in any way we can. It is strange how it takes a tragedy to really bring people together and unite everyone.
Anyway, I just hope no more people die and the fires are brought under control.
The terrifying thought is though, these fires could really have happened anywhere in Victoria, the conditions are so dry everywhere. Very, very scary stuff.
( Cheers to the brilliant CFA people who fight these fires, without them it would be 1000 times worse)
At least the weather has been a bit cooler today, so hopefully that will help the firefighters.
Thinking of all the people suffering such loss and sending out our support to the them all. We feel your pain.

I think I will do my Back to Basics update later in the week when I'm not so preoccupied.

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